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Full Planning

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Flower Cake

No time to plan? No worries! This package is best suited for couples who don’t have the time to follow-up on every little detail that a wedding has - and there are A LOT. Why stress about these things when you can have me do them for you, taking a fraction of the time and getting much better results. With this package, all you need to worry about is being at the ceremony.

What's Included



Wedding planning can be hectic, and has lots of moving parts. This package guarantees unlimited consultations and meetings, to make sure that we're on the same page.



I've been in the wedding business for a while, and know quite a few vendors and contacts. I can use this knowledge, and my catalog of records, to research the vendors that would be the best fit for you.



My goal is to make sure that your wedding is exactly how you want it. I'll work with you to customize every aspect of your big day, to make your dream a reality.



If you have lots of ideas, I can help you flesh them out. Together, we can go over design concepts, floor plans, seating charts, decorations, and more!



Included in this package is full coordination of your rehearsal, wedding ceremony, and wedding reception, as well as your bridal shower and bachelor/bachelorette parties (if requested).



Let me take care of your records, so you don't have to. My easy-to-use member portal allows full organization for all of your information, vendor details, and more.



Don't have to time to talk to all of your vendors? Don't worry - with this package, I can handle all the communications and details with them, so that you can focus on other things.


Party Management

Sometimes getting your wedding party on the same page can be tricky, and take a lot of time. With this package, I can take on that work, and help you get everyone where they need to be.



If you have a small or minimal budget, it can be hard to find everything that you want. With this package, I can work with you to meet all of your event needs, and save you money while doing it.



Click here to see the full list of services provided with this package.

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